La. highway priorities, keeping an eye on I-10 bridge

Louisiana Highway Priorities

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Joint Legislative Committee on Highway Priorities met in Lake Charles on Wednesday, Feb. 8 at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

People across Calcasieu Parish and other parishes in Southwest Louisiana got a chance to speak on how they think highway dollars should be spent.

La. Representative Michael Danahay said various concerns were brought up. One of the concerns being the traffic on Highway 171.

"The turn lanes there they felt like they needed some signaling in that area to help prevent accidents," Danahay said.

Another concern, Danahay said, was traffic on the 210 Loop and potential traffic on Nelson Road once the new casino, Mojito Pointe, is established. Danahay said various plans were presented and some of these plans may help alleviate traffic on the Nelson Road interchange.

But there's one roadway being kept under a close eye, and that's the I-10 bridge.

"Of course long-term we're looking at the I-10 bridge. We feel like that's very crucial," Danahay said. "The I-10 corridor carries about 60,000 cars a day through here."

With all these concerns in mind, Danahay said a final plan has to go into consideration for the La. Department of Transportation and Development. He said various plans have been submitted and within the next several weeks, DOTD will come up with a final plan.

Depending on what plan is chosen will determine which project in SWLA will take place.

"I think the better infrastructure that you have, the better economic development that takes place," Danahay said. "It's very important that we have a very good infrastructure in Louisiana."

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