Badon Trial: Jurors watch video of gun purchase

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Jurors watched a video this morning of two men buying a gun inside an Academy store in Lafayette.

This was the alleged purchase of the gun used to kill Stephin Bergeron on March 16, 2011.

The video shows Toy Table O'Neil from the Ville Platte area and David Fontenot (the alleged shooter in the murder) waiting in the store for about an hour as the sales associates waited for ATF approval for O'Neil to buy the handgun. It would have been illegal for O'Neil to buy a gun for someone else.

The evidence is expected to show Fontenot is the other man in the video.

Devin Blake Badon who is on trial, allegedly met up with Fontenot.

Earlier today, O'Neil admitted to buying the gun saying he did so for personal protection that was later stolen out of his truck. O'Neil also admitted Fontenot was in the store with him when he bought the gun.

Badon's sister testified Fontenot brought a duffle bag to her garage where Devin was staying and that she and others who looked in the bag discovered it contained a gun and ammunition.

She said the bag was taken away from her house and told her brother, his girlfriend and others she didn't know, were not welcome to stay there.

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