Jurors hear 911 call in Badon trial

Jurors hear 911 call in Badon trial

Jurors in the trial of Devin Blake Badon heard a horrific 911 call as the evidence part of his murder trial got underway.

The man who was with Stephin Bergeron when he was shot is also the one who called 911 that night. And the emotionally charged call was likely hard for jurors and everyone else in the courtroom to listen to as well. As the audio was played, Bergeron's family members and the man who called 911 sat in a front row shaking as they suppressed sobs.

Chance Bourgeois was with Bergeron, along Highway 27, when the shooting occurred. Bourgeois was hysterical and panicked in his call to 911.  Bourgeois is heard pleading with his friend to keep breathing--all the while begging for the ambulance to hurry. Bergeron died later at the hospital.

Badon is charged with murdering Bergeron and the attempted murder of Bourgeois--who is the fiance of the victim's mother.

Earlier, in opening statements, prosecutor Rick Bryant told jurors that even though Badon was not the shooter-- if it had not been for his involvement, Bergeron would not have been murdered that night and Bourgeois would not have been fired upon. Bryant says the State will prove that though David Fontenot fired the fatal shots, Badon aided and abetted. Fontenot still faces trial.

Bryant told jurors the State asks not for sympathy, but for justice.

However defense attorney Todd Clemons told jurors Bergeron's death was a cold blooded murder committed by David Fontenot-- not Badon. Clemons said Badon and Bergeron were friends and that Badon did not want or intend for his friend to be killed.

Clemons also told jurors Badon's girlfriend, a key witness for the state, was arrested and then let go and that she's told lies on top of lies-- implying her testimony seeks to save her own skin.

Clemons predicted to the jury the State will fall short of proving Badon's guilt.

The trial continues in the morning with the State putting on its witnesses.

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