Tenants, landlords discuss renters' rights at Iowa meeting

Tenant's rights, what you need to know

IOWA, LA (KPLC) - The Landlord and Tenant Rights meeting was held at Iowa City Hall on Monday. The meeting involved speakers discussing the legal issues involving the eviction process and abandoned properties.

"Failure to be at the court hearing may result in the case being dismissed. Landlords can give a five-day notice to evict. Then they can file for a petition to evict. A constable will serve papers to the tenant to be in court the following week. And if that judgment is ruled in favor of the landlord (by the judge), then the tenant has 24 hours to vacate the property. The whole process can take as little as two weeks," said Justice of the Peace Norman "Butch" Ryan.

Ryan conducted the meeting as other agencies were present. Representatives from the Calcasieu district attorney's office, Iowa's mayor, the attorney general's office, CPSO Iowa substation, Iowa police, CPPJ, Fenton council and others were on hand.

Below is important contact information for both landlords and tenants:

Iowa Court is held on Tuesdays at 5pm. However, the following dates have been released as non-court dates:

Feb. 21, Feb. 28, March 20, May 29, Nov. 6, Nov. 20, Dec. 25, Jan. 1/2013


For more information on the legal process of abandoned vehicles/trailers. Click here.


For more information on DMV offices. Click here.

Local DMV offices:

Lake Charles: 337-491-2533

Jennings: 337-824-5750

Sulphur: 337-625-0304

Kinder: 337-738-5669

Baton Rouge: 225-925-6146


Residential Solid Waste Convenience Centers' operating hours are from 7am-5pm Thursday-Monday. The re are two locations: East Maintenance Facility at 5500 B Swift Plant Road in Lake Charles or you can head to West Maintenance Facility at 2915 Post Oak Road in Sulphur.

For more information on the Residential Solid Waste Convenience Centers, contact Public Works Department at 337-721-3700.