Jury selected in Badon trial

A jury of twelve plus two alternates has been selected in the case of Devin Blake Badon second-degree murder trial.

Badon is one of two men accused of second degree murder of Stephin Bergeron and attempted murder of another man.

Bergeron was shot to death on the side of Highway 27 in Carlyss on April 13, 2011.

During questioning of prospective jurors, prosecutor Rick Bryant said Badon is not the shooter and that the state alleges David Caleb Fontenot shot Bergeron. Fontenot is set for trial June 11.

Bryant told prospective jurors, Badon has been charged as a principal though we don't yet know Badon's alleged role in the crime. Bryant questioned jurors to make sure they accept the idea that the person who did not pull the trigger can still be found guilty of murder if they aided and abetted.

When it was defense attorney Todd Clemons' turn to question jurors, he told them Badon has been falsely accused of two crimes the second being attempted murder of the man who was with Bergeron, Chance Bourgeois.

Clemons talked about Badon's constitutional rights and that he is presumed innocent until if and when the State proves him guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Clemons also told jurors, questioning is not the time to be politically correct. He says they need to know how prospective jurors truly feel in order to decide if they are right for this case.

Clemons talked to prospective jurors about credibility of witnesses and how it's up to jurors to decide how much credibility a witness deserves. Clemons says credibility of witnesses will be very important in the case.

Badon faces mandatory life in prison if convicted of second degree murder.

Judge Kent Savoie is presiding over the trial.

Opening statements started at 3:30 today.

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