EF1 tornado leaves trail of damage

Granberry Road tornado damage

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - Lots of rain made its way across southwest Louisiana over the weekend, but some areas were hit harder than others. The National Weather Service has confirmed that an EF-1 tornado touched down just five miles southwest of DeRidder on Granberry Road.

While no injuries were reported, the structure damage and downed trees covered over four miles.

Some residents who have lived there awhile know the feeling. According to one resident, a past tornado took a similar path not long ago.

But for others, taking cover for a tornado was something new.

"I was in the foyer area of the house and we heard the doors starting to pulsate," said resident Bobbie Parks. "So me and my wife kind of met at the door. We looked outside and saw that everything was horizontal and spinning so we immediately grabbed our son and headed for the interior of the house."

The Parks family hunkered down in a bathroom until the tornado passed, just three minutes later. The tornado measured just twenty yards wide, but after staying low for almost five miles, the damage was evident.

"We knew exactly that it was tornado," said Parks. "It had touched down. A little bit of dismay and a lot of work for clean up."

The twister briefly lifted a trailer home off of the ground. The trailer now sits over six inches from its original location, and is no longer on all of its cinder blocks as well as being separated from both its porches.

Parks owns the trailer, his home, and his mother-in-law's home next door. All three structures received damage, but the trailer received the most.

"We lost the front on that," said Parks. "The siding underneath and the out buildings in the back because of a tree. Siding on the main house. Roof shingles on the top. Car port on the mother in laws quarters over there."

But for Parks his family's safety is all that matters.

"People are irreplaceable," said Parks. "Products are replaceable. Materialistic things as we learn are just not, not worth the heartache and stuff. I'm safe. Nobody was hurt, our neighbors weren't hurt. Our tenants weren't hurt and that's what's most important."

The tornado caused several power lines to fall on Granberry Road, and residents say they were without power for around five hours. A lot of the cleaning process has begun for the residents, but  they still have a long way to go.

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