West Nile: It only takes 1 mosquito

New Orleans, La (AP) - Low numbers of mosquitoes won't protect you from West Nile virus.

The state Office of Public Health says that although drought kept the mosquito population down in Calcasieu last year, two people came down with encephalitis or meningitis from the virus.

A report in the office's bi-monthly journal says they were the parish's first cases of the uncommon but dangerous "neuroinvasive" disease since 2008.

It says both were from the same part of Lake Charles, but couldn't have been infected at the same time. The first was at least 65 years old. She died. The second was less than 30. She recovered.

The Louisiana Morbidity Report quotes the Calcasieu Mosquito Abatement District as saying drought kept mosquito populations below average for most of May through October.

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