Students catch a glimpse of potential careers

Career Discovery Day

The second annual Career Discovery Day was held today at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

Almost 4,000 students traveled through the Civic Center Tuesday as they were introduced to over 30 career opportunities for their futures.

They interacted with employers and schools through questions and hands-on activities.

For some the career day introduced them to the reality of their dream careers.

"The goal is to interest them into getting into some of these careers, considering getting into some of these careers, because 75 percent of all the jobs in Louisiana do not require a four year college degree," said Chairman Bob Smith.

Students started the day with a presentation in the Rosa Hart Theatre. They watched a presentation on why choosing a career is more important than a job, the benefits of a career, and higher pay versus minimum wage. They then moved to the coliseum where employers and schools waited to meet them.

"They can get a really good job that will allow them to mature and make a lot of money so that whenever they do mature and decide that they want to go to college or do whatever they want to do, they're able to do that," said Smith.

Principal of the Lake Charles Boston Academy of Learning Charles Adkins showed students how they can start planning their careers now.

"What we want to show them is how their ideas for a career," said Adkins. "We can match up with the courses in high school and can get them started on their career."

A variety of careers were presented to the students including life as a police officer, carpenter, and cosmetologist. Eighth grader Scottlynn Marcantel wants to be an emergency medical technician.

"You go get people from like their houses and stuff," said Marcantel. "Like if their heart stops or something you get to help them."

Smith hopes the discovery day helps students to plan the next five years of their life, four years of high school and the first year after graduation. Smith also mentioned that many of the careers the students saw today include six figure salaries.

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