Sulphur meth lab under investigation

Sulphur Police discover two meth labs in trailer park

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Sulphur Police have arrested several people after two meth labs were discovered in a trailer park Tuesday morning. At this time none of the suspects' names have been released.

The investigation unfolded after around 9 a.m. in an abandoned trailer located on Post Oak Road between Archie Road and East Burton Street north of U.S. 90.

Officials said an officer was called out there for a complaint and noticed an open door at the trailer. Upon entrance, the officer observed an active red phosphorus lab (Red P) known as the most dangerous meth lab that can be highly explosive.

"This is very dangerous and hazardous. But everything has been taken care of and our narcotics agents safely removed everything out of there," said Mel Estess, with Sulphur Police Department.

Estess said two hours into processing the scene investigators found another meth lab in a trailer next door.

"The narcotics agent asked permission to search the trailer and the occupants gave permission to search. Once inside they found more evidence of another meth lab," said Estess.

Neither one of the meth labs were active at the time the were discovered, but Estess said there was evidence they had been active in the past. Some of the ingredients found inside the trailers were lighter fluid, hydrogen peroxide and paint thinner.

"I wish the kids and the people that take this stuff could see this. These are just some of things used to make meth. I think they need to know and see what they are putting in their bodies and maybe they will think twice," said Estess.

Police did not evacuate the neighborhood, but advised neighbors to stay in their homes until the lab was dismantled.

This is reported the largest meth lab so far this year.

No arrests have been made.

The investigation will be ongoing.

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