Saints player visits with local teen for Grant-A-Wish

Grant-A-Wish with Tracy Porter

KINDER, LA (KPLC) - Saints Cornerback Tracy Porter visited with a Lake Charles teen for the Louisiana State Troopers Association Troop D non-profit Grant-A-Wish program.

Porter autographed Saints memorabilia for 16-year-old Devan Temple, who has a form of muscular dystrophy and relies on a wheel chair to get around.

Porter said he finds it funny when kids say he's their role model.

"It always tickles me a little bit because I never envisioned myself as being a role model for kids," Porter said. "I enjoy it. And I'd rather be a role model for them than be someone they don't want to be like, so it all feeds good."

Devan likes to hunt and fish, but was surprised to learn he and Porter both share a love for playing video games.

"I asked him if he liked video games and he said yeah. I told him I like to play Modern Warfare Three. He likes it too," Devan said. "He plays online with his teammates."

Devan's parents said he was nervous and excited leading up to meeting the Saints player, and Porter said he was just as excited.

"But once I saw him and the smile on his face it made me feel real good," Porter said. "And me coming way out here to show up for him, if that's what it takes, then I'll do it."

Devan's father Len enjoyed seeing Porter make his son's day memorable.

"For people to come out like Tracy and come out and meet kids like this, does a lot for the kids morale, and stuff like this right here meeting New Orleans Saints, he'll talk about it forever," Len said.

Porter autographed a Saints football, Saints flag and gave some other Saints gear to Devan to top off the special day.

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