SouthWest Area Modelers of Plastic

Toy model enthusiasts display work in Westlake

The tradition continued in Westlake where the 26th Annual SouthWest Area Modelers of Plastic Show was on display.

Toy model enthusiast all over the country are in attendance showing off their works of art. Judges are grading more than 200 models in more than 80 categories including Aircraft, Automotive, Spacecraft/Science Fiction and War gaming.

Most of the people in attendance are adult men who got started when they were kids.

"I've been doing this forever. I picked up the hobby in grade school and haven't stopped," said Matt LeBlanc. "Some models take a day to put together while others are so detailed they can take up two years to complete."

There is also a children's category. Dick Montgomery came from San Antonio, Texas and said they also take every opportunity to share with the younger generation.

"I don't think this is a dying art. There are thousands of new models coming out every year and it's good to see the younger juniors as we call them getting involved," said Montgomery.

The judges will announce the winners at 4 p.m. The show is being held at the Managan Center, 1000 McKinley Street in Westlake.

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