Award winning chef holds demonstration on sugar sculptures

Sugar sculpture demonstration

A local pastry chef put on a sugar demonstration today at L'Auberge Casino and Resort.

Chef Bill Foltz has been working with sugar for almost 20 years. He competed in the World Cup last year for team USA in France.

He took home the title of best sugar piece in the world for his display of renewable energy.

Today he was able to share his knowledge with the culinary teams of L'Auberge and Fort Polk.

It all started nearly two decades ago with a small heat lamp in his basement.

But now Foltz is the best sugar sculptor in the world.

"This is my outlet," said Foltz. "This is what I like to do. Some people make furniture. Some people build houses. I like to make sugar pieces."

On Wednesday, Foltz displayed his skills and techniques to young culinary arts team members, including some who hope to follow in his footsteps.

"It was awesome, exciting, different, because we don't get a chance to do these types of artistic work," said Sgt. Marpue Green .

While Foltz concentrates on his duties as pastry chef at L'Auberge, sugar sculpting is his hobby, a hobby that he feels can make a difference.

"You never know who you're going to touch," said Foltz. "You could be someone's next mentor and you don't even know it."

Armando Hernandez, co-captain of the Fort Polk Culinary Arts team, specializes in cooking and is unfamiliar with pastries, but Wednesday his eyes were opened to the difficulty behind the process..

"It was a good experience," said Hernandez. "You got to see there's a lot of patience with it. Just getting to see the artistic side of it."

While Foltz enjoys the sugar sculpting, it's tedious and doesn't always go as planned.

"It's pretty gratifying," said Foltz. "Sometimes it can be disappointing, when you're not getting what's up here out there, but sometimes you create something better"

Foltz will be trying out for the 2013 US World Cup team on April 19-20 in Grand Rapids.

One person will be chosen for sugar, chocolate, flavor and ice.

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