Vincent Settlement Elementary gets parents involved in a creative way

Vincent Settlement Gets Parents Involved

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Parents, students and faculty came together at Vincent Settlement Elementary for movie watching fun, as a way to get parents involved with their child's school.

Students and parents came dressed in pajamas with pillows and sleeping bags in hand. 
Snacks were served in a decorated jungle themed gymnasium as Disney's The Lion King played on a projected screen.

This was an effort to get parents more engaged and a way for students to get excited about school activities, especially when they can share them with family.

"I think this helps them build lifelong relationships and get to know the community of our school," Curriculum Coordinator Julee Spann said.

With a school population of about 350 students, a little more than 150 students showed up for the after-school activity.

"Having the school community, but also their parents whether it be one or both, or another adult who cares for them, a grandparents, aunt or uncle, you know, that's critical to their well being just for them to have that safety net to rely on," Spann said.

Spann said an event likes this gives parents an opportunity to meet other parents in a laid back environment where the focus isn't about academics, but to watch movies with their kids.

"Decided to twist it up this year and do something a little bit more fellowship involved and bonding," Spann said.

Nickolaus Garber is a grandparent who enjoys getting involved with the schools. He likes to see the families come together at Vincent Settlement.

"I think it's the best thing," Garber said. "That determines how a kid studies. If the parents care, the kids will care. If they don't care, you know..."

And the students are happy to have their family with them at their school.

"I like watching the movie and spending time with friends," Olivia Smith, 5th grade, said. "My mom and dad, and two sisters are here. It's really cool."

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