Ross department store shooter sentenced to 50 years

Sharonda Obey
Sharonda Obey

Sharonda Obey, the woman who went into Ross Dress for Less shooting a gun on July 22, 2011, received the maximum sentence of 50 years on each of two counts of attempted first degree murder.

The sentences will run concurrent, which means she will be in prison for 50 years.

The aunt of victim Tracy Rankins, who was shot five times, told the court now all Rankins can do is shrug her shoulders and speak and that she will never be able to hug or feed her children because she cannot use her hands or move her legs.

The aunt says Rankins' condition has financially devastated the family. She also told the court that because Obey planned the attack and drove to her workplace to carry it out, that she should get the maximum sentence. Another woman was also shot in the attack.

The defense attorney told the court Obey takes full responsibility for her shameful, stupid, horrific crime and that she expresses remorse.

27-year-old Obey addressed the court, apologizing to the victims for her horrible crime and said she takes full responsibility and admitting she must be held accountable.  Obey also apologized to her daughter and family.

But in sentencing Obey, Judge Clayton Davis told her, while he appreciated her apology, there are crimes they have to use as an example of what the community cannot tolerate.

Judge Davis sentenced her to 50 years on each count without benefit of probation, parole or suspension of sentence.

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