Hydrogen gas pipeline to be installed in Mossville

Hydrogen gas pipeline to be built through Mossville
Marie Rosamore and her daughter Shundrica Bernard
Marie Rosamore and her daughter Shundrica Bernard

MOSSVILLE - MOSSVILLE, LA - A couple of weeks ago, Lorner Jones noticed clearing underway in the woods near her home on Evergreen in Mossville. She wonders what's going on and why haven't residents been informed. Said Jones, "It looks like they are digging up the grounds and I live right here by it, looks like they figuring to lay something and I'm just wondering why they didn't get with the community to let them know what they were doing."

Turns out the work along with major clearing activity further up the road closer to Old Spanish Trail is all part of a pipeline project by Air Products. Part of the pipeline will be on Marie Rosamore's property. She gave permission. "I've lived on the side of a gas pipelines all my life so I figured that, what would one more pipeline do because I've been here for fifty one years."

She and her daughter say they researched the project and believe the hydrogen pipeline will be safer than some of the other pipelines they've lived with for years.  Said Marie, "What they told me is it's going to be hydrogen gas and is supplying all the plants, basically."

Shundrica Bernard is her daughter.  "If we didn't feel it was safe we wouldn't have gotten it done because we have to live here also. This is still our residence. The gas we already have here is more dangerous and they're using different pipes as well. The pipes that they're using are safer. If a leak does arise they get an alarm and someone comes out here."

Marie enjoys living here, especially with her fish pond in memory of her beloved father and granddaughter. She says she wouldn't do anything to mess it up. "I fish. I try to catch all the fish I can and some. We eat the fish and all that, so I really checked into it real good."

Air Products officials say the hydrogen pipeline is important to local oil refineries from New Orleans to Houston because it allows them to further reduce pollution from refining sour crude. That's oil with high sulfur content.

As it turns out this project is part of a 180 mile long pipeline to connect Air Products Louisiana and Texas pipeline systems, creating the word's largest hydrogen plant and pipeline supply network. The project which will unite more than 20 hydrogen plants and supply industries with more than one billion cubic feet of hydrogen per day.

For details about the huge pipeline project read this news release from Air Products.

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