LC City Council to vote on lease agreement for lakefront hotel

Downtown Lakefront Hotel

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A proposal for a lease agreement to build a lakefront convention hotel will be introduced to the Lake Charles City Council on Feb.1.

Many groups visit the Civic Center for conferences, conventions and other events. The hotel would be built connected to the Civic Center directly on the lakefront. This area is in Councilmember Marshall Simien's district. Simien said a lot of money was invested in the downtown Lake area, so people should have an option to stay downtown if they're visiting the city. He called it "a one stop shop."

"Most of your places that have conventions and conferences have a hotel that goes with that. So that's what the ultimate goal is, to try to get a hotel that supports conferences and other things too," Simien said. "They want to have their meetings and stay and play in the same place."

The approval on the lease agreement still needs to be made before construction on the hotel can begin.

"We have to flesh out a lot of details, but we want to get this started so there's no lag time between getting in to the council and the time the city has to negotiate a lease," Simien said.

The hotel is planned to be a Hyatt.

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