Blurry post-cataract surgery side effect has an easy fix

Blurry post-cataract surgery side effect has an easy fix

Over half of seniors develop a cloudiness on their eye lens called cataracts, but after replacing the aging lens in surgery some people experience what is commonly called a second cataracts, a blurry film on the lens.

Poddy Champeaux described her vision before cataracts surgery: "the brightness, the glare was affecting my eyesight. I kept wearing the darker glasses."

Her cataracts had to be removed and with her new multifocal lens, she was seeing clearly for a little while.

"A film of some kind was forming over my eye," said Champeaux.

"20 percent of people that have cataracts surgery experience a cloudiness of the lens capsule," explained Dr. Jon Yokubaitis, ophthalmologist at The Eye Clinic.

The blurriness reminds people of their original problem, cataracts.

"I'm thinking, well you know I know it [the cataracts] was removed," said Champeaux.

"Some people call it their second cataracts, but it is not a cataract. It often follows after cataract surgery," explained Dr. Yokubaitis.

Champeaux did not have to go under the knife. Dr. Yokubaitis used a special laser called a YAG which works lightning fast.

"when they called my name to come back for the treat they told my husband go get the car, by the time you come with car she'll be waiting outside for you "

"The laser takes seconds to do. The problem is some people have cataracts surgery and don't come back. Their vision gradually gets worse. They think well I'm getting older and my vision is supposed to get worse and they may go for years with blurry vision not realizing that they could have a very simple procedure," explained Dr. Yokubaitis.

The film cleared off, Champeaux could get back to life.

"It's funny because I used to hold the books out you know, away and now I'm sitting with my grandchildren and they're holding their books about the same," said Champeaux, praising her multi-focal implants.

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