3 remain jailed as stabbing victims laid to rest

Dr. Martin Luther King Sunday celebration in Lake Charles

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The two women stabbed to death Jan. 4 on North Prater Street were laid to rest Saturday. Family members remembered Bridget Tillman Pryor and Carla Ladoux at Fondel's Memorial Chapel on N. Lyons Street in Lake Charles.

Bridget Tillman Pryor's mom, Peggy Idell Livings said, "I'm sad, Bridget was my first born I miss her. You know it's hard to explain because a mother's love, especially my love, is unconditional for her children. I'm going to miss her. She'll always be part of my life, whether she's there or not there".

The father of Pryor, Harry Livings said, "Bridget allowed these people in her house because the girl [Carla] needed help. Bridget died the way she lived i.e. looking out for other people. She was very unselfish with her life".

Carla's Ladoux's mother is Equilla Ladoux. Ladoux remembered both victims, "This is hard for me today. My daughter Carla Yvette Ladoux and my best friend Bridget Nicole Pryor".

Cousins of Ladoux, Dianna Johnson along with son Evan Johnson, shared their thoughts, "She's 25 and it's just something that you don't...you hear about it a lot but whenever it's you, you become numb and I'm still kind of in that state".

Mark Thibodeaux was arrested for both homicides. Thibodeaux's mother Mary Friday and sister Rosalind Simeon Friday were also charged with "accessory after the fact".