Rep. Boustany talks about top priorities

Rep. Boustany talks about priorities

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - As the 112th Congress gets back to work one of Congressman Charles Boustany's top priorities is to get his dredging bill passed. The so-called "Realize America's Maritime Promise Act" will free up dedicated dredging funds that are currently being misused.

"My bill will probably see some floor action early this year. Which means this will benefit the Calcasieu Ship Channel where we have fights every year about getting adequate funds to dredge that channel. And it is so important for job creation here for the Lake Charles economy. It is critically important for our port and its activities," said Boustany.

When it comes to ongoing coastal protection Boustany believes the money for Louisiana's Hurricane and Wetlands Restoration Program is there.

"We've had some funding problems early in the year but I think we have overcome those," said Boustany.

Work to get a Veteran's Clinic in Lake Charles continues. According to the congressman final details of a contract are in the works and expects to open the doors with a year and a half.

"We are making good progress on that project. We are very close. We are beyond this being just a possibility or even a probability it is going to be a reality," said Boustany.

As for the GOP race to the White House Boustany said, "I am uncommitted. I'm watching just like everyone else."

Not ready to throw out an endorsement Boustany believes the right candidate will emerge to face President Obama.

"We've seen a number of candidates rise and fall and republicans are looking for an ideal candidate. Everybody has got their pluses and minuses. So I think this will play out for a few more primaries before we get a final decision on who the nominee will be," said Boustany.

The House of Representatives reconvenes on January 17th.