Trailer park closing due to "extreme cost of water"

Some forty families may soon have nowhere to live because the owner of their trailer park is closing the park. Residents of Crestwood Community paid their rent this month and then learned-- they need to find a new place to live by February 9th. The letter says the park will be closing due to "the extreme cost of water each month."

Crestwood Community at 5711 Broad Street outside the city limits of Lake Charles. Residents here don't have a lot of money. Some are disabled and many have small children. And now families are in a predicament. They must be out of the trailer park by February 9th. Some rent their trailers and others own them.

Resident Rebecca Duhon has three small children.  "There's families out here that has children like me and my father and everyone else and she's not wanting to reimburse money to help them find a place or anything. There's a company that's trying to work with us to try and move our trailer but the problem that we're having is finding a trailer park or somewhere to put our trailer on."

Her mother, Peggy McClelland, also lives there in a different trailer."We been out here since'95 and she hits us with this when she accepted our rent on the first? It's not fair. I have grand babies and right now they're my first priority and my daughter."

Some residents received a letter from Sharon Galicia of CSG Enterprises that says each month the water bill is very high and that rent doesn't pay the bills.

Still, some residents say they don't have money to move and may be homeless by next month.  Etta Holland explains they live on a fixed income.  "How you gonna give people thirty days to up and leave, you tell them that by February 9th they need to be gone because the water's going to be turned off. A lot of people have kids and some people that stays in this area depend on one income and that's at the beginning of the month and they done paid all their bills and they're stuck."

Sylvia Jones says she will have trouble finding a place to re-locate her trailer, because of it's age.  "The year model of the trailer, I'm not going to be able to get it in no trailer parks so I'm stuck. I got an old trailer."

The park gets water from District 5 Waterworks of Calcasieu Parish. "I just spoke to their board president Ron Rider and he says they're going to have a special meeting next week to see if there's anything they can do to help residents at the trailer park."

We'll let you know more as we find out.

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