Oberlin Aggie Day celebrates 17th year

The Oberlin High School FFA celebrated its 17th Annual Aggie Day on Saturday, Jan. 7.

Students ranging in age from 8-years-old to 18-years-old showed off their pigs and cattle. FFA Advisor Chad Peloquin said it teaches the kids responsibility.

"They have to get this animal when it's at a very young age," Peloquin said.

The kids have to care for it, feed it, water it and make sure it's healthy.  Peloquin said the FFA helps keep the kids grounded.

"This program kind of keeps them at home, so to speak," he said. "Teach them some responsibility and some lifestyle skills also."

Aggie Day showcased 45 pigs and about a dozen beef cattle.

"Our entire turnout gets bigger and bigger every year," Peloquin said. "Last year we had about 30 pigs and I was expecting 25 today."

The community came out to support the FFA. There was also an auction full of gift cards, baked goods, toys, pets and more. Patrons played chicken bingo, and at the end of the day all the kids got to chase a greasy pig with hopes of catching it and taking it home.

"Grease up three little pigs," Peloquin said. "We'll turn them loose in the middle of the big field and let them run, and whoever catches a pig gets to keep it."

When the time came for the greasy pig catch, it started raining. That didn't stop the festivities though. Only one greased up pig was released and he took off running. He ran down the field, around the arena, through the arena, across the street to the football field and made his way toward town where he was eventually captured.

"Fun for everyone," Peloquin said. A funfilled "hog wild" FFA Aggie Day for Oberlin this year.

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