Cowboy program teaching values through 'old west' ways

Inner City Slickers program in Bell City

Bell City, Louisiana - The Inner City Slickers program is designed for today's disadvantaged youth, building self-esteem and character through learning what it is like to be a cowboy. The next event in SWLA will take place in Bell City.

Ranches nationwide take part in this teen program. Youth ages 12-18 years of age spend one day roping, grooming, riding and caring for horses. There is also a myriad of trust building exercises.

Rene Mudd, Bell City event organizer said, "We are really excited. It's even more special because Bell City will host the first 2012 Inner City Slicker program in the United States. We are holding our event during the January 20th weekend".

Mudd said, "I really hope to have at least six more of these Inner City Slicker events held at my ranch this year but that will depend on volunteers, donations and children interested".

The first group of 22 children will be from the Cameron Parish area.

New Orleans and Bell City are the only Louisiana areas to have the Inner City Slickers.

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