Illegal oil dumping in Jeff Davis Parish

The following press release is from the Department of Environmental Quality:

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality's Criminal Investigation Division and Emergency Response are investigating the illegal dumping of oil in Jefferson Davis Parish. On or about Jan. 3 or 4, five 55-gallon drums of used motor oil and off-road diesel were thrown into a ditch on the west side of Lyons Road near East Grand Marais Ditch. Two of the drums were dumped into the East Grand Marais ditch. About six five-gallon buckets of an unknown oily substance were also dumped.

The impact of this illegal act adversely affects the nearby waterways as well as a number of crawfish farmers who depend on East Grand Marias ditch for irrigation water. The water from the ditch flows into Bayou Chene. Dumping oil or any other substance into bayous, ditches, lakes or storm drains negatively impacts the waters of the state.

The Jefferson Davis Parish Public Works Department is working to contain the oil.

Several oil recyclers around the state will take the oil to recycle and many will even pay recycling and processing costs. This is not only the legal, preferred method of disposal, it is also beneficial for the environment and cost-effective for those looking to dispose of such materials.

"This is a senseless crime because there are avenues to dispose of the oil that are not costly and that are not detrimental to the environment," said CID Supervisor Ryan Brignac. "DEQ's Criminal Investigations Division has full authority to arrest violators on felony charges. Criminal acts such as illegal dumping will not be tolerated."

Violations such as this can result in a fine of not less than $5,000, but no more than $50,000 per day of violation, or imprisonment for not more than three years, with or without hard labor, or both.

If the public has any information on who dumped this oil, please contact DEQ at the Single Point of Contact line 1-888-763-5424 or Bobby Kingham in the Criminal Investigation Division at (337) 491-2667. You can make an anonymous report if you wish.

Pictures are available at DEQ's Web site at