McNeese facing a $1.4-million mid-year budget cut

Mid-Year Budget Cut for McNeese

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - McNeese State University is cutting its total general operating budget, but it's not the only university in the state doing so.

Director of Public Information and Communication for McNeese Candace Townsend said nine universities in the University of Louisiana System were each assessed a 51-percent cut of the total general operating budget for each school.

"For McNeese that is $1.4-million," Townsend said.

During the summer of 2011, Townsend said the university set aside $600,000 to put toward replacing outdated computers around campus. But now with the new budget cut, that money can no longer go toward new computers. Also, close to 12 positions on the campus won't be refilled.

Townsend said the computers that were to be replaced were primarily in offices both faculty and non-academic offices. As far as faculty and staff, Townsend said the goal during this time is not to layoff any current employees. But since the new budget cut won't allow more positions to be filled on the campus, she said current employees may take over some extra duties.

"Many of them have already done that in the past few years, and we'll all be taking on more duties in the coming days and weeks," Townsend said.

The budget cut won't affect much at the school. Fees will not be increased and current projects won't be impacted by the cuts.

"This mid-year budget cut won't seriously impact the kind of quality classroom instruction that students who come to McNeese are accustomed to expecting," Townsend said.

She said the spending for the new computers and equipment along with not hiring any new employees are sacrifices that in the short term are easy for the school to make.

"McNeese employees, faculty and staff, we've pulled together before and we'll pull together this time," Townsend said. "We'll all continue to live our motto of Excellence With A Personal Touch."

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