Local women translating for Syria's freedom fight

Freedom Writers

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Two women in Lake Charles spread the word about Syrian oppression by translating documents and videos for news outlets and human rights groups around the world.

The documents contain journal logs and video links capturing violence in Syria. Through a Facebook group, 28-year-old Malak Chabkoun volunteered to help spread the word.

"There's a lot of incidents happening in every town everyday," she said. "You have to go through and find the things that are kind of highlights and really important for the world to see."

The group is called the Syrian Revolution General Commission and Chabkoun said there's about 10 translators for the group in the United States. The translations go out to about 860 news organizations and groups.

"The stories that you hear, you cannot imagine that humans are doing this to other humans," she said.

Chabkoun said the violence is not a religious issue but a political issue of power hungry dictators who oppress the people of Syria.

But she's not the only one in her home who translates the documents. Her mother Rana also participates.

Rana said sometimes watching the videos is difficult because of the graphic violence.

"For me, we're reliving a nightmare that I lived through in Syria in the 80s," Rana said.

With her parents and close family still in Syria, days and weeks go by without hearing from them, and Rana said it's unsettling.

She said since the 80s she knows of close to 80 members of her family who were killed by the government. But she has hope that soon the fight for freedom will end.

"I just know inside me that, it's going to be over soon. I just have to live on this faith that it is going to be over soon," Rana said.

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