NEW Prien Lake left turn restrictions, tickets being issued

Wrong Turn from East Prien Lake onto Ryan

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Police are issuing tickets to those who make the left turn from East Prien Lake Road onto Ryan Street. There is a new sign in place that signals no left turns.  The problem here is that it used to be legal up until several days ago.

Construction continues on that popular intersection and because of that, new regulations had to be put in place.

Now, police are issuing tickets to those who make the illegal turn. "I see people not paying attention to the road and still trying to take illegal left turns on Ryan and Prien Lake. They see the sign and they just try to beat the light anyway, police just pull them over one by one."

As for the excuse of not being able to see it, DOTD official Patrick Landry says, "That is not an excuse because at the very least it is hanging next to the stop light that people should be paying attention to anyway". The District Traffic Operation Engineer says, "Each day 14,000 people pass through Prien Lake Road and 17,000 pass through Ryan Street".

A number massive enough to keep the roads from being congested during the lane work being done. Hence, the new left turn restriction being in place.

"We come in as a component of enforcing that regulation or that law to ensure public safety. We have issued some citations", warns Deputy Chief Mark Kraus.