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Hallsville, TX Police Chief, two officers fired


Hallsville Mayor Jerri Medrano has terminated Chief of Police Greg Scott and two officers, reducing the city's patrol force to one officer.

In a statement released by the mayor on Wednesday afternoon, Medrano says Chief Scott, Sergeant Mack Fuller and Officer T.C. Livingston were terminated "as the result of a routine evaluation of personnel employed by the City at the Hallsville Police Department."

The statement goes on to say, "During this evaluation it became apparent to the City that the affected officers were not performing their official duties to the standards necessary for employees of the City of Hallsville, Texas, and that their continue employment by the Hallsville Police Department was not in the best interests of the citizens of Hallsville. Thus, staffing changes were made including the termination of the affected officers in order to more fully insure, preserve, and protect the public safety of the citizens of the City of Hallsville, Texas. This is a personnel matter which is and will continue to be handled internally by the City."

The sheriff's office said they were notified that Lukas Reynolds is now the police chief for the city and their patrol officers have been reduced to just one officer.

According to the police department's web site, they previously employed Chief Greg Scott, a sergeant and two other officers.

In spite of the dramatic reduction in force of an already very small police department, Harrison County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Jay Webb says there is no public safety issue in Hallsville.  The Sheriff's Office, he points out, has always dispatched for Hallsville and answered calls for service - not just for 911 - and will continue to do so.

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