Workers on holidays happy to have a job

Working Christmas Day or for any holiday may be a drag to some but for others they are happy to have the chance to have a job. On Christmas Day, many businesses were closed for the holiday. And being that the holiday fell on a Sunday, there were even more doors shut.

But there were the typical places open, gas stations, hotels and casinos.

Dustin Leleux, sold fireworks and Christmas Trees on Christmas Day from the Fireworks USA spot on Nelson Road in Lake Charles, La. Leleux says, "It is cold and wet on this Christmas Sunday but if people pull in, I'll sell them fireworks".

At a nearby convenience store, Tom Eyada was working behind the counter. Eyada says, "I'm originally from the Holy Land, so I know what this day truly means. I like to serve the people of this area on the day. I chose to work this day so I can serve".

The busiest workers on I-10 were the folks working at Waffle House.  Jared Myers and Albert Thomas, both happy to have jobs to be able to provide for their families during the holiday season. Neither of them were phased that they had to come to work on Christmas Day.

According to

"10% of Business Owners work Christmas Day."

"25% of people working Christmas feel they need to because there is too much work to do".

"58% more people could not request the day off fast enough to get the time off".