Holiday season can bring in creepy crawlies

Baton Rouge, LA (AP) - Silverfish, fungus gnats, pantry pests and mice - holidays can bring you things that really are not nice.

LSU AgCenter entomologist Dennis Ring says those are only a few of the critters that may invade your house during the holidays. He says many hitchhike on Christmas trees, firewood, potted plants brought in when freezes threaten and boxes of decorations brought down from the attic.

Ring says potted plants carry mites and aphids, while the soil may hold ants or fungus gnats. Firewood can contain roaches, beetles and spiders, and boxes of stored Christmas decorations may harbor silverfish.

Larvae of saw-tooth grain beetles and Indian meal moths may lurk in flour bought for holiday baking.

And rodents looking for wood and warmth may crawl in through any openings in the house.