Cracking down on Christmas theft

Stolen Christmas Presents

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - With Christmas right around the corner, more Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's deputies will be patrolling the area.

A few weeks back KPLC reported on another family in the Lake area who had their gifts stolen from under their Christmas tree as well.

Sheriff Tony Mancuso said he hopes the intruders get caught.

"There really is nobody that stoops lower than to take somebody's family's Christmas gifts and toys and their property, especially during this time of year," Mancuso said. "It sickens me and I hope we catch this person."

Lake Charles resident Jenny Mills had her home broken into on Thursday, Dec. 22 sometime after 4 p.m.

Mills said her husband and she returned home from work and noticed the door to their home was slightly cracked open.

"I kind of pushed it open and saw that there was the molding of the door frame knocked kind of in my bedroom area sticking out, and I mean I knew something was not good," Mills said.

All the Christmas presents that were under the tree were gone, along with the TV and all of Mills' jewelry boxes.

"Every single piece that I was not wearing and a lot of it was family pieces, which is very very upsetting," she said.

Mills said they've had a lot of support from family and friends and her family will still have a Christmas.

"We can pull this together," she said. "Santa's coming. We're going to be good."

It won't be the same Christmas as originally planned, but Mills said although it's a setback, it's not going to be a problem.

"You are emotional with things that you've lost and that how could anybody take Christmas gifts? But we can get all that back," she said.

As for the intruders, both Mills and Sheriff Mancuso hope justice will served.

"I absolutely hope that what goes around comes around and that they get what they deserve," Mill said.

"For anybody to have to steal," Mancuso said. "People donate generously to all these programs to give to the less fortunate, so you know that's a poor excuse. I don't buy that."

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