DeQuincy Hospital damage more than $150K

DeQuincy hospital damage exceeds $150K

DEQUINCY, LA (KPLC) - At this point officials say tornado damage of the DeQuincy Memorial Hospital will exceed $150,000. The exact dollar damage amount has not yet been figured.

Now that officials have had a chance to more closely survey the damage, Administrator and CEO Mike Ashford says at least three quarters of the roof was taken off.  Ashford says it's a miracle no one was killed or injured. "The damage was extensive. It took what I would say was 3/4 of that roof off. Very fortunate. I told staff this morning, I don't think a single patient got wet which is miraculous for what we went through yesterday."

Cleanup is well underway. The roof is tarped. Inside, fans and dehumidifiers are being used to dry up water damage. The damage shut down the entire patient wing of the hospital which has 19 beds. That means no inpatient services until repairs or made. But outpatient and emergency services are still available. "It is open for life threatening emergencies. And what would happen in that situation is they'd come here and we would stabilize you and ship and in those situations the closest place is always best to stabilize and then we'd ship you to one of the receiving hospitals around us,"said Ashford.

And Ashford says at this point, even though inpatient services are not available, no employees are being laid off work. "One good thing, we are a small, privately owned hospital and meeting with the board and ownership yesterday, they've made the decision that for right now everybody's schedule that 's in place, that we' ve tried to disperse them throughout the hospital as we can. And right now no one will lose their schedule and will not lose their hours."

It's expected to take at least a month for repairs to take place. The tornado did not hurt the psychiatric facility or rehabilitation hospital which are operating as usual.

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