Officials hope nonsupport effort whittles $1.9 million owed

Holiday Child Support Roundup

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Office of Family Support and  the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office joined forces Tuesday to bring in noncustodial parents to the support center and get them to pay the child support they allegedly owe.

The "child support roundup" began at 5 a.m. hoping to catch parents before leaving their homes. This was a final chance for parents to pay the money they owe.

Operations manager Wendy Daigle said a total of 130 warrants were prepared.

"These are people that have a case in our office where we have served them for court and they failed to show up or they failed to comply with a court order to pay their child support obligation," Daigle said. "As a result we have written an arrest warrant."

About 110 noncustodial parents were on the list for the roundup and of that number there were 130 outstanding warrants. The total dollar amount in child support owed is $1.9 million.

After a day's work of rounding up parents , the Office of Family Support along with CPSO were able to execute 35 warrants, or turn in 25 noncustodial parents. Of those, nine were booked into Calcasieu Correction Center and four chose Academy of Training Skills.

If parents didn't pay the child support money they owed, they had two choices — jail or Academy of Training Skills, a work release facility in Lacassine that provides skills training for jobs, rehab, counseling and in the end finds jobs for these parents.

"Our goal is to try to get as much money as we can into our office," Daigle said. "Our job is to collect money that's due to these custodial parents who have the children in their homes."

The Support center was able to collect $20,000 in child support and anticipates $10,000 more by the end of the week.

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