Report: Deadly force appropriate in Dangerfield shooting

District attorney says deadly force warranted

It's routine, when police shoot a suspect, to have another police agency evaluate what happened to determine if potentially deadly force was warranted. State Police investigated the shooting of Timothy Dangerfield by Lake Charles Police and have now submitted their report to the Calcasieu District Attorney's Office.

After the murder of 22 year old Shacerista Jones on General Patton Street, September 29, thirty year old  Dangerfield turned up on Tulip Street where ultimately he was shot by two Lake Charles police officers and tased by a third.

State police have investigated the shooting by police and, based on their report, District Attorney John DeRosier says such force was warranted. "When the officers instructed him to show his hands he uttered an obscene gesture to the police officers verbally and said, show me your gun and then turned and pointed his weapon directly at the two police officers. When an individual approaches police officers in a threatening manner and turns, as this defendant did, and pointed a weapon, a pistol, at the two Lake Charles Police Officers and put the officers in a position where they actually had to defend their lives, lethal force is in fact appropriate."

The State Police report indicates eleven shots were fired--six from an M-16 rifle and five from a 40 caliber Glock, though not all shots fired hit Dangerfield. He was shot multiple times in the left leg and once in the abdomen. When Dangerfield was rolled over after being shot, the report says he had a knife in one hand and gun in the other. "Recall that this defendant had several self inflicted knife wounds to his neck and throat area. He had apparently tried to cut himself or kill himself upon being approached by the police officers."

Even after he was shot, the State Police report says Dangerfield was still being combative to the point that he spit on officers and rambled making comments about the devil as he was loaded into an ambulance.

Dangerfield is now in jail and faces trial on murder charges. Generally, the DA's office puts such reports before a Calcasieu Grand jury for review. DeRosier says they will probably do so in this case.

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