Former Governor Edwards in Lake Charles for book signing

Former Governor Edwards in Lake Charles for book signing

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Since getting out of prison, former Governor Edwin Edwards has been criss-crossing the state meeting with the people and holding book signings for his autobiography. Sunday he was in Lake Charles at Calcasieu's Central Library. At 84 years old the former four time Louisiana Governor proved he can still work a room.

"I never say anything out of line. I never cross the line. I never make jokes. Why in the world would they talk about me being colorful," asked Edwards.

With wife Trina by his side he greets the long lines of people one by one. Both young and old came for different reasons.

"We came for Christmas presents for our family because they are big fans of Governor Edwards," said Adelle Tilley, 12 years old.

"Governor Edwin Edwards was a true populist. He was a great friend of the common man and a supporter of public education," said Durlin Ancelet.

"I wanted to get the governor to sign my book. I purchased it a few months ago and that was one of the things when he was still in prison. I said once he gets out I want my book signed. So that's why I came out today and I'm so glad I did," said Monica Guidry Shelton.

And it wasn't just books Edwards was asked to sign. Carol Daigle brought an old campaign sign from the 80s.

"It's just a dream come true to meet Edwin Edwards. This is a poster of Governor Edwards when he was running for re-election and we have kept it all these years and I got it signed," said Daigle.

Edwards says, while in prison, he never forgot the people of Louisiana and he's glad they never forgot him. Edwards said during the eight years he was serving time, he received more than 35,000 pieces of mail.  That averages to around 20 pieces per day.

"I can't tell you how surprised I am at the number of people that turn out and how well the book sales have been going. And more than anything else how the people have been to me," said Edwards.

An avid sports fan he also shared his predictions on the upcoming BCS matchup between LSU and Bama.

"Oh there is no question we will beat them again. Just like we beat them the first time and I just think it is very courageous of them to come back to Louisiana," said Edwards.

Edwards is also just as confident about Louisiana's Democratic Party eventually swinging back.

"Well maybe the best thing I can do is to join the Republican Party - that might help the Democrats. But whatever I can do to help, I'll be glad to do. I've been a lifelong democrat and will be until the day I die, which won't be for another 20 years," joked Edwards.

For now the former governor plans to start writing three new books focusing on his early childhood during the Depression, friends he's met along the way, and the trial.

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