Downtown Development Authority looking for new direction

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Since its creation in the late 90s under then Mayor Willie Mount, the Lake Charles Downtown Authority has helped the City Council accomplish a vision for downtown Lake Charles. The projects accomplished include the Lakefront Promenade, Marina and Ryan Street Streetscape.

With several new faces on the team and many of the projects coming to completion the DDA is looking for new direction.

"So we would like to get a new game plan of where this board goes and what projects that we want to undertake and how we want to develop the downtown area," said Jonathan Johnson, DDA member.

They're set to open next month's meeting for suggestions from the community, especially downtown business owners.

"A time for the public and the community to come in and share their ideas, their concerns and even frustrations," said Jonald Walker, DDA President.

They believe in the work that's been accomplished and the work still underway. While they continue to set the stage the DDA hopes stakeholders take advantage of the envelope of development that's been created and help them continue to build upon it.

"You do the infrastructure... You do all that to bring people to the downtown area. But you need to have something for them when they get there and that's where our business owners come in. There's been a lot of new businesses come to Lake Charles in the downtown area. We would love to hear their input of where they want their downtown to go in the future and how they want it to interact with the people that are going to be coming because of the capital improvements that have been done," said Johnson.

The DDA's next meeting is January 3rd at 5:30 p.m. in the Lake Charles City Council Chambers.

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