Behind the scenes of Lacassine Oilfield Services

WEB EXTRA: Phil Thibodeaux of MBO (Lacassine Oilfield Services)

LACASSINE, LA (KPLC) - The Department of Natural Resources has granted a 30 acre permit expansion to chemical waste facility MBO, LLC. The permit allows MBO, LLC facility to grow from 100 acres to 130 acres.

MBO, LLC doing business as Lacassine Oilfield Services took in their first load of chemical waste on May 31, 2008. Today, it is a 10 million dollar business located in Lacassine, Louisiana.

Back in 1993, it was a NORM facility. It was open for three years before closing for ten. The owners of the NORM facility got a new permit through the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for the current Exploration and Production waste site.  The site lay dormant for two years before MBO received its first load of waste.

Phil Thibodeaux is the District Manager at MBO, LLC.

Thibodeaux explains the process, "We take in waste from a drilling facility. When they start drilling an oil well, they bring us the surface hole which is normally water based mud that may turn to oil based mud. And we put it into a treatment cell. The cells are lined with a clay liner. Three feet underneath the clay liner of the cell are drains. And that detects anything you have migrating down that may come up".

MBO, LLC say they can put as much as 77,000 barrels of waste into one cell. When the cell reaches capacity, water is pumped off and injected into two injection wells. Fresh water is then pumped back onto the cell. A machine stirs up the material and breaks up the chloride, oil, and salt out of the mud. Once that process is done, oil is skimmed off the top of the cell. The process is completed until all chlorides, oil and grease are done to a certain level. A drying process then takes place where the sun and bacteria take over - making the material into re-use material.

The re-use material is what will be stockpiled on the new 30 acre expansion. Thibodeaux says there are no plans to create more treatment cells or dump any waste on the 30 acre expansion.

Thibodeaux says he is looking forward to breaking ground with the expansion beginning by April 2012.