Shot and left to die, abandoned dog gets second chance

Hope, the dog

ALLEN PARISH, LA (KPLC) - A dog was found shot on the side of the road in Allen Parish and one man saved the dog's life by bringing her to a veterinary hospital.

This incident brings up the issue of how people abandon their dogs on the side of the road, generally in rural areas. Dogs left on the streets end up starving to death or getting run over. In this dog's case, getting shot.

Resident of Allen Parish Jackie Parks said many people dump their dogs on the road where he lives.

"Allen Parish doesn't have an animal shelter, so people in this area don't have options," he said. "For me, there's never an option to abandon a dog on the side of the road."

Parks found the dog a few days earlier along with a male dog and a puppy. He would bring food to the dogs and eventually when they warmed up to him, he would take them to a shelter.

"On the last night I checked on them as I went to work, I found the male dog had been shot," Parks said.

With the male dog dead, he went searching for the female dog and her puppy. He discovered the female dog had been shot as well, but was still alive. The puppy ran off as he got closer to the dog.

"I made kind of a decision to take the female dog to the vet and I would come back for the puppy and try to catch it, but I came back and the puppy was gone," Parks said.

The female dog he brought to the vet, he named Hope. Parks described her as friendly and calm, but after being shot in the abdomen, she was unable to stand.

"I didn't know what kind of damage she had. I was really afraid for her," Parks said.

Veterinarian at the Lake Area Animal Hospital Dr. Sally Kate Scroggs said Hope had a 50-percent chance of survival.

"We took X-rays and she had a broken hip and she also had a ruptured bladder," Scroggs said. "The first surgery, her bladder was still leaking, so I had to take her back into surgery the next night."

Two surgeries later, Hope's tail is now wagging and she's running around on all four legs. She's a happy healthy dog.

"People really need to think about what they're doing before they just dump dogs off. Because I'm sure the people who dropped her off didn't expect someone was going to shoot her," Scroggs said.

And Parks is happy to see that Hope has a second chance.

"My hope is that someday she finds a good home and that someone will find a spot in their heart for her," he said. "It's kind of a bitter sweet thing. I'm really glad that she has a second chance and I'm thankful for that."

Hope is up for adoption to a good home. Call the Lake Area Animal Hospital for more information at (337) 479-1199.

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