Cyber Monday's local flare

Southwest Louisiana consumers enjoying Cyber Monday's quiet holiday.  It is the biggest day of the year for internet sales for businesses.

Here in Calcasieu Parish, we spoke with two companies who do a lot of business via the internet.

Mark Abraham is a managing partner with Big Easy Foods in Lake Charles.  He says his customers go to his site in order to purchase gift items for themselves or to send a piece of Louisiana off to relatives and friends.  One of his biggest internet items, Tur-Duck-Hen.  Abraham explains, "it's a turkey that has a boneless chicken stuffed inside of it. Also boneless duck stuffed inside of it and also cornbread dressing and rice dressing stuffed inside of it".

Kayla Lewis and Shalane Mead, both consumers, happy for the lack of hustle and bustle. Kayla gives her reasoning, "It is available all day all night on the web, so you can begin early, stay up late and shop, all at the convenience of your home".

And if you are looking to relax around town, 12 hour massage was offering its specials online. Missy Richard is a massage therapist with 12 hour massage on E. Prien Lake Road in Lake Charles. Richard says, "It isn't just about giving a good deal with a massage. It has its health benefits and helps people unwind".

Both Big Easy Foods and 12 Hour Massage can be found on the internet.