Cameron election officials to verify results of vote

It is hard to believe but in the Cameron Police Jury Race for District One there was a tie vote. It looks like it will send the candidates to another runoff election in December.

Those involved will meet tomorrow to double check the outcome of Saturday's election. Incumbent District 1 Police Juror Sonny McGee and challenger Curtis Fountain - never would have imagined the vote would be tied after saturday's election but it appears each candidate got 178 votes. Says Sonny McGee, " What's the odds? That's my reaction. Very surprised, a little disappointed but it is what it is."

Curtis Fountain was equally surprised.  "Tie vote, I was totally speechless. I didn't have a clue anything like that would ever happen. Not a clue."

And as unusual as it is, Clerk of Court Carl Broussard says it is the second time they've had a tie vote in a police jury race in four years. He says the first thing they'll do is double check the outcome of Saturday's election. "First thing we do is go to voting machine warehouse and check the protective and public counters on the voting machine, make sure those numbers are correct. Then after that we're going to do a hand count of the absentee by mail."

In the old days, perhaps they would just flip a coin. But now a tie requires another election.  In all likelihood, there will be an election on December 17th. Both candidates recognize that people will be busy with holiday festivities and preparation and probably won't be interested in their race.

Admits Fountain, "We're not expecting to have a whole lot of people go back and vote. Right now people are just trying to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas and that's really pretty close to Christmas time so It's not going to be very good."  McGee would prefer to see the election held after the holidays.  "I talked to the clerk of court today and asked for a postponement of that, maybe go into January. He said that we have to take office in January and he didn't think they would allow that to happen."

At 10 a.m., those involved will be at the voting machine warehouse to verify results and then will go to the Clerk's office to check ballots sent in by mail.

Other results they'll check closely is the race that pitted two incumbent police jurors together because of redistricting - Kirk Burleigh seems to have beat Scott Trahan by two votes,.

We'll be there when they verify the results and let you know the outcome.

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