Survivors of house fire have a fire hydrant warning to all

The Metoyers are happy to be together and safe after a fire broke out Thursday evening at their home in the 6700 block of Petite Meadow Drive in south Lake Charles.

The family spoke with KPLC, saying "the nearest fire hydrant was about quarter of a mile down the road so fire crews had to shuttle water back and forth in order to fight the fire".

Initially, someone had lit the fireplace. The fireplace was burning for nearly thirty minutes before family members say something went wrong.

The Metoyers are made up of seven family members including the parents. The night of the fire, the youngest four children were at home when it happened. Luckily, the family's adopted pet shelter dog named "Una" came to their rescue and alerted the family of smoke coming from a cubby hole.

Nine fire trucks including tankers from Lake Charles Fire Department and Westlake Fire Department were on scene.

The family says they have excellent insurance so there are no worries in the recovery department as of yet. However, they want people to know that this can happen to them if fireplaces and chimneys aren't checked at least once a year. Metoyer also says, "Check the location of your nearest fire hydrants because our house is no longer here due to the fact there was lack of a water source".

If you are concerned about your nearest water source and live outside of city limits, contact your police juror.

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