Lake Charles Police Department says car theft is on the rise

The following is a press release from the Lake Charles Police Department:

The Lake Charles Police Department is urging residents to please follow a few safety tips to keep your valuables safe. We have been noticing a rise in vehicle burglaries and in most cases the vehicles were unlocked.

Following these simple steps could help prevent you from being a victim:

> Roll up all windows and ALWAYS LOCK all doors.
> Check your doors to make sure they are locked.
> Remove valuables from the vehicle overnight.
> If you have to leave valuables in vehicle while running errands, store them where they can not be seen. (GPS, Mobile Phones, Computers, Radar Detectors, Loose Change, Purses, CDs, DVDs, etc.) If you choose to leave valuables in your trunk, deactivate the interior trunk release.
> Store any charging cables (If they are visible, a criminal will know the device is somewhere in the vehicle.
> If your vehicle stereo has a detachable faceplate, store it in a safe place. Also, a loud stereo system is not only illegal, it advertises your system to criminals.
> Park in well lit areas when possible.
> If you have an alarm, use it.
> Record the serial numbers of ALL your valuables. If they are stolen and later recovered, this will help us identify your valuables.