Sulphur water main breaks

In the City of Sulphur, a 12 inch water main broke Thursday morning in the area of Beglis Parkway and Hwy 90. "The water main break has since been repaired and everything is business as usual", says Sulphur Chief of Police Mel Estess.

The City's Director, Department of Public Works is John Bruce. Bruce explains, "the city crews were making an excavation to give a service tab to the site that's under construction behind us. And the section that they uncovered - a repair section from a defect many years ago. And without being hit or punctured, the line just gave way".

Bruce also said that Sulphur recently went on a multiyear program on the East side of town. This program involved replacing water mains that were in excess of 40 years. The cost of the program was millions to taxpayers but it could not be helped.  He says, sights like the water main break on Hwy 90 will be more commonplace if the infrastructure is not replaced around other parts of the city.


Mayor Chris Duncan had announced an interruption in water service in:

  • Beglis Parkway, from Hwy 90 North to E. Burton St.
  • E. Burton St., East to Post Oak Rd.
  • Post Oak Rd. South to Carr Lane
  • Carr Lane West to Lewis St.