COPY-Gulf Street home catches fire, neighbors call 911

Lake Charles Firefighters responded to a house fire at 807 Gulf Street shortly before midnight. According to witnesses the flames could be seen in the front window of the home.

"I came out of my friend's house and I saw something glowing in the front window there and it didn't look right. The next thing I saw were flames and smoke. I went back in and we called 911. The fire department was here and so were Lake Charles Police," said Darrel Talbot. "It all happened real fast. At first the flames were just in the front area of the home. Then you could hear the front windows start to break. After that the flames and smoke just took over."

Talbot said a family with small children lives in the home, but we are told no one was at home at the time of the fire. Several units responded and firefighters were able to get the situation under control within minutes. Investigators were still interviewing people on the scene. There is still no word on a cause at this time.