Parents speak out about South Cameron High hit list

CAMERON PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Concerned parents of students who go to South Cameron High said they were never notified about the knife and hit list found at the school.

Tara Miller and Madonna Guilbeaux of Cameron said they found out from their children.

"He was questioned by investigators and came home and told me and his dad," Miller said about her son whose name was on the hit list.

"The school administration department or the school board has never called my phone," Miller said.

Guilbeaux said she found before a South Cameron football game.

"It scared me," she said. "It startled me so bad I didn't even want to go the football game."

Both ladies said the school should have handled the situation differently. Especially since, according to Cameron Parish Sheriff Theos Duhon, the knife was found at the school in September and the hit list was found at the end of October. Duhon said the Sheriff's Office was late on the investigation because they weren't notified of the items until after the fact.

"They should have sent out a letter and told everybody's family how they were going to keep them safe because we have no clue," Guilbeaux said.

Miller said the proper procedure the school should have taken when the knife was found was to evacuate the children to the gym and notify law enforcement.

"That's the reason we have law enforcement. It's their job to investigate," Miller said. "The professionals at that school are not professionals in law enforcement."

Both Miller and Guilbeaux said they feel like their children should not be scared to go to school.

"If they are going to hide that situation, what's next?" Miller said.

Superintendent Stephanie Rodrigue could not comment on the case or about notifying parents of the situation.

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