Governor Jindal Statement on Veterans Day

The following is a press release from Governor Bobby Jindal:

BATON ROUGE – Governor Bobby Jindal issued the following statement on Veterans Day:

"During Ronald Reagan's 1981 inauguration speech, he said, 'no arsenal or no weapon in the arsenals of the world is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.' Today, we honor our veterans who carried on their backs around the world the 'moral courage of free men and women.'

"No one is born a hero, there's no class, no instruction manual, or easy ten step process. No, our veterans made one choice that they were going to put their lives on the line to defend our freedoms and our American way of life – and they all did it with moral courage.

"Our veterans had the moral courage to fight for our nation and our freedoms. They had the moral courage to be the ones who stood for liberty against tyranny. They were the ones with the moral courage, who stood up to fight evil – at all corners of the globe – so that we could keep peace here at home. They are in a word – heroes.

"In some parts of our culture, we often idolize television and movie stars, but the reality is that every day we are in the midst of heroes who fought for our country and asked for nothing in return – and they are the men and women who we should look up to.

"Today, on Veterans Day, we recognize their service to Louisiana, our nation, and our way of life that has made America the greatest nation in the history of the world.  But we shouldn't have to wait until Veterans Day to thank our veterans. We should thank them every single day."