Cameron authorities investigating a knife and hit list found

CAMERON PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Cameron Parish authorities are working on a case involving a hit list and a knife that were found at South Cameron High School.

According to Cameron Parish Sheriff Theos Duhon, the knife was found in September and a list containing names of students was found on October 27. Duhon said the Sheriff's Office didn't find out about these items until one week after the note was found.

"I wish we could have gotten in there a little bit earlier," Duhon said. "But we didn't, so we have to work with what we got."

Duhon said the knife and hit list are being processed at a crime lab. He said he went to the District Attorney's office to figure out the proper way of handling the case since his office wasn't notified about the items or the alleged threat until weeks later.

He said the school "apparently felt they needed to do an investigation" before calling the Sheriff's Office.

Duhon said this type of threat is a criminal offense.

"You're talking about lives and it's very serious. We don't want our deputies getting hurt. We don't want the children in this parish getting hurt. We don't want anybody getting hurt. We take it very seriously," he said.

Duhon said there are no suspects, but they are still in the interviewing process and continuing the investigation.

"We've never had anything of this magnitude occur and we sure would like to get to the bottom of it," Duhon said.

Cameron Parish Superintendent Stephanie Rodrigue told KPLC she couldn't comment on the case. She said the details of the incident are confidential and mentioned the case is now in the hands of the Sheriff's Office.

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