Video made of Davis & Saltzman trial witness

It's three days and still no jury seated in the case of two women accused of murder--Robyn Davis and Carol Sissy Saltzman.

But after prospective jurors went home today at 5 p.m. the judge, prosecutors, defense attorneys and court personnel stayed to make a video of one witness who will be out of the country when she's needed to testify.

Crime scene investigator Roxann Baumgarten was sworn, just as any witness would when testifying live before a jury.  Baumgarten collected evidence from the place where Brian Davis' body was found.

Because her testimony was taken out of order it's not clear yet,  how it may provide pieces of the puzzle that make up the state's theory of Davis' murder.

She gave a lot of testimony about a tire on the gray Honda Accord next to Davis' body.  A tire on the car was evidently flat when the body was discovered. Yet, according to Baumgarten's testimony, testing of the tire did not detect damage or air leakage from it.  She also talked about lug nuts next to the tire that might suggest Davis was changing a tire when he was murdered.  She also recovered a sock from the scene near Davis' head and said he had one bare foot.

As well, Baumgarten identified a chart they made to help the jury understand which cell phone towers various calls used.  Originally,  when Davis' body was found,  the sheriff said he had been shopping for a boat and that his wife had reported him missing.

The defense cross examination of Baumgarten seems to be trying to suggest the integrity of the crime scene was not well protected and that evidence may have been contaminated by officers at the scene.

Baumgarten's recorded testimony will be played for the jury during the evidence phase of the trial.

Jury selection resumes at 8:45 tomorrow morning before Judge David Ritchie.

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