Lake Street bridge to open in December

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Contraband Bayou bridge on Lake Street should be completed by the end of the December, according to Lake Charles Director of Public Works Mister Edwards.

The bridge reconstruction was scheduled to take four to six months to complete, and now in its fifth month, there are a few more things to do before the bridge is complete.

"When it's said and done, it's going to be a lot better," Edwards said. He said to prior to the construction, a lot had to be done.

"All the utilities had to be moved, all the telephone poles, all the light poles, all the energy poles, gas had to be moved. Every utility had to be moved," he said. Sewer systems and water lines had to be moved and a new drainage system was put in place too.

Edwards said part of the reason why the construction on the bridge and Lake Street is the foundation it's being built on, since it's near Contraband Bayou.

"A road is only as good as its foundation and it's going to give way if it has heavier trucks or equipment on it all the time," Edwards said.

He said he understands the frustrations of residents, drivers and business owners.

"I'm Joe Citizen too and I go other places and say 'Why are they doing this and why are they doing that?' But I guess from being on the municipal side that has to deal with construction, there's never a good time to do construction," he said.

Again the bridge should be completed before the end of December giving time for businesses on Lake Street to cater to the holiday shoppers. As for the completion of Lake Street construction, Edwards said the street won't be finished until around May of 2012.

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