Leesville and New Llano Mayors sign Mutual Endeavor Agreement

The following is a News Release from the Brylski Company:

With the stroke of a pen, the Mayors of Leesville and New Llano today signed a Mutual Endeavor Agreement to create a joint public works venture to develop, fund and implement strategies that improve the water, sewage, street and infrastructure systems of the two neighboring communities.

The agreement, though in the works for nearly a year, was hastened by Governor Bobby Jindal's recent announcement that the State of Louisiana was investing $25.2 million in water, sewage and infrastructure improvements in order to grow the Fort Polk area's business and residential communities.

Over the past six years the Army has invested over $638 million to upgrade the base's capabilities and is likewise working to increase capacity by expanding the base's footprint 50 percent, or 100,000 acres.

"By taking this action, operating costs will be shared and monies will be raised for future repair and construction projects to help the region better prepare for and capitalize on the growth of Fort Polk. We wish to thank the Governor and our State Senator John Smith and State Representative James Armes for working with us to make this agreement possible," said Mayor C. Robert Rose of Leesville and Mayor Freddie Boswell of New Llano.

Both mayors undertook this action in order to stretch their limited dollars, and promote business and residential growth and investment in the area.

"Housing, retail, and other amenities will be encouraged by this investment in ourselves," said the two Mayors. "We are truly stepping up and doing our part to unlock the economic power of this area for civilians and soldiers."