November 9, 2011 - "A Living Tribute" students

It's called, "A Living Tribute" and it's a new way for Southwest Louisiana residents to learn about our area's veterans.  Students at Molo, Oak Park and F.K. White Middle Schools have been busy interviewing local veterans and their families about their wartime experiences.  They've also collected photographs and other memorabilia and catalogued them into a web site.

"We really get a chance to connect with the veterans in our community and learn more about them," said F.K. White 7th grader Avrie Celestine. "I think it's better than hearing them on TV because you really get to hear it from them and hear it from their perspective.  So I think it's a better experience."

Ryan Hebert interviewed a Vietnam veteran.

"His experiences in Vietnam and basic training and how it was hard to adapt to that," said Hebert. "Whenever he came back from the war, what he did in the war made a difference in his life."

If the veteran is deceased, a special QR (or Quick Response) code will be placed on their headstone, so that anyone can access information on their military history.

"What will happen is that anyone with an iPad or an iPod that has that application on their computer or iPhone will be able to scan the code and it will take them to the web site," said teacher Doug Devillier. "So all of these students' products that they have created to honor our veterans will be located on that web site."

To get to the "Living Tribute" web site, go to

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